User Guide

Activate Your Copy

When you run your copy of Quis? Pro for the first time, Quis? requires you to supply User ID and Serial Number. You will find them in the email we send you after your purchase. Your User ID is your email address, and the Serial Number is a combination of alphanumerics (case sensitive). E.g.

User ID:
Serial Number: aAbBc-123456-1aZx3-dXn7PM

Note: Quis? Lite doesn't need activation.

How To Search?

Quis? is very easy to use. Just enter the domain name you want to search in the input box, e.g., press [Enter] or press SEARCH button. Quis? will smartly query many hosts to get the information you want.

Some queries are completed in several seconds, but some take much more than that. It is depend on your internet connection and the responses from remote hosts.

Stop Searching

If for some reasons you want to stop the searching process, press STOP SEARCH button. It will take a while to stop the process though.

Searching Options

From Menu/Settings/Options you may select some searching options.

Filter out comments from search result.
Most hosts include prolonged comments within search result. Quis? filters out these comments to increase the readability of the report.

Default: ON.
Clear worksheet before performing new search.
If you do not want to clear the previous search result, turn off this option.

Default: ON.
Resolve IP Address in Search by Domain Name
During search by domain name, Quis? tries to resolve IP Address for the domain, and performing other query by IP Address to get more result.

Default: ON.
Resolve Domain Name in Search by IP Address
During search by IP address, Quis? tries to resolve domain name for the IP address, and performing other query by domain name to get more result.

Default: ON.
Include search for individual contacts.
If you do not need individual contacts information, turn off this option. Individual contacts search needs more time to accomplish.

Default: ON.

Definition Files

Internet is an ever-changing place. Some hosts upgrade their systems, some change their policies, some go out of business, some new players come in. Quis? does not need to upgrade the software to a newer version for each minor transition. It utilizes definition files to keep up with minor transitions of the Internet. Quis? needs to periodically update the definition files.

To update the definition files, from Menu/Settings/Options, click UPDATE button. If you want Quis? to update the files automatically each month, turn on Automatic Monthly Update. The default value for this option is OFF.